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Dries SUPER fast!
One Size!
Contour design for wider bum coverage keeps poo off the cover!
Nice and trim through the legs!
Fold-To-Fit design allows you to customize where you need extra absorbency!
By utilizing a combination of HEAVY WEIGHT Organic Bamboo Fleece and ZORB you can get enough absorbency in ONE insert.
A revolutionary new product, Zorb can absorb 10 times it's weight in less than half a second -- that's 20 times faster than cotton, bamboo or hemp. With it's incredible holding power, a single layer holds up to 3 times the moisture of the best absorbing knits, so leaking and exterior wicking can be reduced or eliminated. It's non-toxic and non-allergenic made from a proprietary blend of natural and man-made fibers.
There is a single stud snap on the underside so the Insert can snap into Chelory AI2's.
This Fold-To-Fit Insert is topped with Stay-Dry Procool Wicking Jersey fabric so baby feels dry and comfortable. Or, choose to go natural and only have Organic fibers touching baby's delicate skin. 

*sizes are approximate. All fabrics are preshrunk prior to sewing. Bamboo does retain natural oils and needs to washed and dried several times to reach maximum absorbency.  
Customer Reviews
Anastasia C
I only bought one insert but now I wish I had a lot more of them to replace my other inserts... I have similar inserts sort of 'pads' that I lay on top of diaper shell (all in two?), they're 100% cotton layers and they're not bad but take quite long to dry and not nearly as absorbent as Chelory insert. Chelory's are just better. With this insert folded sometimes wetness does not get to cover at all.
But I also prefer to change diapers frequently (regardless if it's cloth or disposable).
Hannah J
Love these inserts! I always buy the organic and have found these to be more absorbent than any other we use. I love the fit to fold idea because whatever rise snaps I use, I can fold the insert to exactly fit the diaper size. Also like how they are wider in the back area. I haven't had issues getting stains out with washing and sunning and they do dry easily in the dryer (even on the low heat setting I use). My son is 13 months and we can get through a day with 3 of these!
These inserts ROCK! We can go hours in one they are very absorbent! I love that I can use them in my chelory Ai2's or any other brand Ai2. Very versatile they are a nice size and fold over easy for smaller babies. They do dry very fast in the dryer and i love how they flare out on the bum. Def 5 stars. =)
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