About Me

I am married to my high school sweetheart, Cory. Chelory is a combination of our names: raCHEL and cORY. We have two beautiful children; Jaydence is 10 and Levi is 9. I knew I wanted to cloth diaper before I was even pregnant with Jaydence, so I started playing around with different patterns and fabrics. After Levi was born, my husband said “MY BOY WILL NOT BE WEARING PINK OR PURPLE DIAPERS!” So, like a good wife, off I went to accumulate a stash of “appropriate” diapers. The pink and purple ones were listed for sale. The sweet mamas who purchased those very first diapers kindly asked where they could get more, so Chelory was born!

Gosh I LOVE SEWING DIAPERS! I pinch myself everyday thinking, there is NO WAY this is REAL LIFE! I feel VERY blessed to have what I have!


Thank you for your interest in Chelory!